Electronic Prudential Reporting System (EPRS)

EPRS is the system that enables all Authorised Firms to submit their regulatory returns online.

EPRS Login Details

Please click here to access and log on to EPRS.

Technical notes and EPRS User Guide

DFSA has produced a set of Technical Notes that detail the minimum technical specification users will need in order to access and use EPRS.

Click here to view the Technical Notes Guide.

In addition, a full User Guide for EPRS has been produced. The guide uses screen shots to provide step by step guidance on the end to end process of submitting Prudential returns via EPRS.

Please click here to view the User Guide.


The DFSA has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions which can be viewed in the attached document.

Please click here to view the FAQs.

EPRS Notification

Please click here to view the EPRS Notification.

On-line Demo

The on-line demonstration of the EPRS system shows you how to:

  • Log on to the system
  • Input data
  • Validate data
  • Print reports
  • Submit returns to the DFSA

To view the on-line demo you will need Adobe Flash Player (

Please click here to watch the on-line demo.

EPRS Enquiries

If you have any enquiries regarding EPRS please contact