authorisation timeline

If the application is complete and the application fee has been paid, we will process your application according to the following timeline:

  • Within 2 business days of receipt of the application: A letter acknowledging receipt of the application is sent.
  • Within 10 business days of receipt of the application: An initial review letter is sent. Dialogue between the DFSA and the applicant will start and continue as required to the final review.
  • Within 4 months of receipt of the application: we aim to complete a final review and recommendation.

The timeline set out above is indicative only. The time taken to process your application will depend on its scale and complexity, as well as the timely submission of information and response to any requests for further clarification. The need to make the correct regulatory decision will always take precedence over meeting target timescales.

A successful application will result in the DFSA issuing you an in-principle letter which will allow you to complete the DIFC Registrar of Companies process. We will then issue you with your DFSA licence once you can demonstrate that you have successfully registered with the Registrar of Companies, have sufficiently capitalised the firm and have met any other outstanding matters.